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Jeff Baij

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A cursory viewing of the work of artist Jeff Baij leaves me baffled and deeply entertained. Frankly, the strongest impulse I have is to not have an opinion. Like, staidly not have an opinion. His work is either the least pretentious or the most pretentious and I honestly don’t want to know which it is because I’m enjoying myself.

His work has flavors of “just fucking go for it” and performance art. I may also be imagining the performance art bit, but that’s part of the appeal from my end- the is-this-for-real element (which,well, it must be on some level.) However, I may be picking this up as the effect of his efforts to maintain levels of shittyness as: “…naturally the longer i make art the less genuinely shitty looking it is and the more i have to fake the shitty”

In the end I concede to his own self-assessment as “unfuckwithable” because I cannot begin to really approach this guy.

“if memory serves, this is the exact color of ur nipples”

To the artist: I’ve noticed you’ve noticed you’ve made it back into the curriculum since 2011 and I hope these posts are everything you could have hoped.

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September 24th, 2013 at 3:12 am

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